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    Top : Recommended
    297 Recommended Links:


    • CNET
      a good starting point for answers to questions about Linux hot
    • FirstLinux
      A Linux meta site which is the ideal starting point for a beginner. It features the Linux Guide and the Linux Product Guide hot
    • Linux Package Guide
      contains information on the core packages of the RedHat, Suse, Caldera and Debian distributions for the Intel platform. The database is fully searchable allowing you to find out whether a particular distribution supports your favorite application, and moreover, in which package that application is stored hot


    • Hacking Linux Exposed
      by Bri Hatch, James B. Lee, George Kurtz: a must-have security handbook for anyone running Linux. This cutting-edge volume shows you how to think like a Linux hacker in order to beat the Linux hacker. You'll get detailed information on Linux-specific hacks, both internal and external, and how to stop them hot
    • Running Linux
      by Matt Welsh, Lar Kaufman: covers everything you need to understand, install, and start using the Linux operating system. It includes a comprehensive installation tutorial, complete information on system maintenance, tools for document development and programming (3rd edition) hot

    Books : Administration

    • The Best of Linux Distributions
      based on Matt Welsh's cult classic Linux Installation & Getting Started. Revised, expanded, and updated, The Best of Linux Distributions includes a general introduction to Linux; detailed explanations of drive partitioning, filesystems, and software package installation; distribution-specific instructions for installing Debian GNU/Linux, Slackware, Caldera OpenLinux, and Red Hat Linux; a complete, low-stress Linux tutorial; system administration under Linux; X Window; and Networking. Also included are 4 CD-ROMs containing the latest Linux operating system for Red Hat Linux, Caldera OpenLinux, Debian GNU/Linux, and Slackware hot

    Books : Kernel

    • Linux Complete : Command Reference
      in 1,500 pages of tiny print, this heavy-duty tome documents every command, utility, file system, library function, and administration tool in the operating system. Linux also features a detailed kernel reference guide and a good index. hot

    Books : OReilly

    • Programming With Gnu Software (Nutshell Handbook)
      by Michael Kosta Loukides, Andy Oram, Mike Loukides, Andrew Oram: this book and CD combination is a complete package for programmers who are new to UNIX or who would like to make better use of the system. tents include GNU Emacs, gcc, C and C++ libraries, gdb, RCS, and make hot

    Books : OpenLinux

    Books : Programming

    • Linux Application Development
      by Michael K. Johnson, Erik W. Troan: practical reference guides programmers developing Linux applications or porting applications from other platforms. hot

    Books : Programming : C

    • The C Programming Language
      by Brian W. Kernighan, Dennis M. Ritchie: presents a complete guide to ANSI standard C language programming. Written by the developers of C, this new version helps readers keep up with the finalized ANSI standard for C while showing how to take advantage of C's rich set of operators, economy of expression, improved control flow, and data structures hot

    Books : Programming : C plus plus

    • The C++ Programming Language
      by Bjarne Stroustrup: in this brand-new third edition of The C++ Programming Language, author Bjarne Stroustrup, the creator of C++, presents the full specification for the C++ language and standard library hot

    Books : Programming : Perl

    • Advanced Perl Programming (Nutshell Handbook)
      by Sriram Srinivasan: covers complex techniques for managing production-ready Perl programs and explains methods for manipulating data and objects that may have looked like magic before. It gives you necessary background for dealing with networks, databases, and GUIs, and includes a discussion of internals to help you program more efficiently, and imbed Perl within C when necessary hot
    • Programming Perl (Nutshell Handbook)
      by Larry Wall (Editor), Randal L. Schwartz, Tom Christiansen, Stephen Potter: the book covers everything from basic control statements to regular expressions to using objects and interfacing with other languages (2nd edition) hot

    Books : RedHat

    • Learning Red Hat Linux
      by Bill McCarty: walks the reader through the process of installing, configuring, and using Red Hat Linux 6 and some of its most popular applications. Networking coverage includes essential local area network configuration, plus excellent coverage of Samba setup and the process of establishing a Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) connection to the Internet hot

    Books : Reference

    • Linux in a Nutshell 2nd edition
      by Ellen Siever, O'Reilly Staff: This complete reference covers the core commands available on common Linux distributions. It contains all user, programming,administration, and networking commands with options, and also documents a wide range of GNU tools hot
    • Maximum Rpm
      by Ed Bailey: The complete reference for the RPM software package that is the heart of the Red Hat Linux distribution. Designed for both the novice and advanced users, Maximum RPM enables anyone to take full advantage of the benefits of building software packages with the Red Hat Packagemanagement tools to ensure that they install simply and accurately each and every time hot


      the home of Linux that is designed to act as a central clearing house for information and promotion of Linux hot

    Companies : Software Retailers

    • CheapBytes
      a company that specializes in low cost Linux related products hot
    • Linux Central
      The root for Linux resources, including low cost CD's, official distributions, books, software, and applications. hot


    • Debian GNU/Linux
      a free operating system that provides almost 4000 software packages for six architectures (Intel, Motorola, Alpha, SPARC, PowerPC, ARM) and is developed entirely by volunteers over the Internet hot
    • Mandrake Linux
      a distribution famous for its ease of use, great installer, highly automatised configuration tools, superb hardware compatibility, and great community of users hot
    • OpenLinux eDesktop
      intended for desktop users, eDesktop comes with some useful commercial software hot
    • RedHat
      an outstanding Linux distribution with its excellent rpm (package manager) hot
    • SuSE Linux
      an extremely popular distro that features excellent documentation, thousands of applications on a DVD/CD-ROM set hot

    Distributions : Floppy

    • Linux Router Project
      a networking centric mini-distribution of Linux. LRP is small enough to fit on a single 1.44MB floppy disk, and makes building and maintaining routers, terminal servers, and typically embedded networking systems next to trivial hot
    • muLinux
      a tiny implementation of Linux, which is able to occupy only a single floopy. Its aim is to demonstrate the power and scalability of this operating system. The kernel is a 2.0.30 compiledfor a 386 and as much modularized as possible hot
    • tomsrtbt
      "The most Linux on one floppy disk." rescue/panic/emergency diskette, or shirt-pocket Linux toolkit. hot

    Distributions : Mini Distributions

    • DragonLinux
      a tiny Internet-ready distribution of Linux. At only 25MB installed, it is a fully functional UMSDOS Linux installation hot
    • hal91
      a minimalistic linux installation fitting on one single 1.44Mb disk. It is intended for use as an rescue disk and a portable linux system hot


    • developerWorks
      a free on-line resource for tools, code, tips, education, on-line tutorials and more. The site is for developers with focus on world-wide open standards and cross-platform technologies such as Java, XML, Linux, Security, Web, Unicode and Open-Source. Get relevant information from both industry-leading sources as well as tapping in to the knowledge of the IBM technical community hot
    • iMac Linux
      information and resources for the Linux port to the iMac hot
    • RedHat package manager
      aims to bring you the latest and most up to date information on the RPM software packaging tool which is taking the world by storm hot

    Docs : Local

    Docs : Tutorials

    • UNIX Tutorial
      comprises fourteen sections, each of which addresses a fundamental aspect of UNIX computing. It concentrates on illustrating the central concepts by providing short explanations, along with examples, and exercises hot

    Java : Games : Board and Card Games

    • Jin
      an interface for chess servers that is written in Java, making it completely portable hot

    Java : Office

    • SciTeXt
      a new word processor for all systems with a Java interpreter hot


    • GNU Hurd
      the GNU project's replacement for the Unix kernel hot
    • Kernel Archives
      the primary site for the Linux kernel source, but it has much more than just kernels - we have 20 GB of disk space set aside for mirroring the largest Linux-related software archives hot

    Kernel : Device Drivers

    Kernel : Device Drivers : Multimedia

    • BTTV
      device driver for Bt848 based frame grabber cards like the Hauppauge Win/TV pci, Miro PCTV, STB TV PCI, Diamond DTV2000, AverMedia ... hot
    • Linux/AWE32!
      the sound driver extension for Linux and FreeBSD to use wave synthesizer on SB AWE32/64 sound cards hot

    Kernel : Device Drivers : Scanners

    Kernel : File Systems

    • Linux FAT32 Support
      FAT32 is an extension to the FAT (File Allocation Table) that allows larger partitions than FAT16 while having a normal cluster size of 4096 bytes hot

    Kernel : Modules

    Kernel : Patches

    • Linux Mama
      provides all available "unofficial" patches for Linux hot


    • LinEvents
      exists to make information pertaining to upcoming events that are related to Linux and Free Software/Open Source accessible hot
    • LinTraining
      exists to make information pertaining to Linux training and certification accessible hot
    • Linux Filewatcher is a searchable, daily updated directory of Linux/Unix/Internet related file archives and programs grouped by topic. It features latest updates and file descriptions and has also powerful search engines. hot
    • Linuxberg
      The coolest place for Linux software. Brought to you by the TUCOWS people! hot


      documents how to define maps from name to address and from address to name using a Linux system. hot
    • Samba
      Samba Resources hot

    Networking : Protocols

    • Linux IPv6 FAQ/HOWTO
      IP version 6 (IPv6) is a new version of the Internet Protocol, designed as a successor to IP version 4 (IPv4) hot

    Ports : ARM

    • ARM Linux
      ARM Linux is a port of the Linux operating system, ported to ARM processor based machines hot

    Ports : Compaq

    • Linux VAX Port Homepage
      VAXlinux will hopefully be a port of the very popular free operating system by Linus Torvalds. hot
    • Linux/Alpha!
      provides information on Linux running on computers using Digital Equipment's Alpha processor. hot

    Ports : MIPS

    • SGI/Linux
      the port of Linux to Silicon Graphics hardware. It currently supports all Indy models (R4400, R4600, or R5000 MIPS® CPUs). In the long term, we would like to see more extensive SGI platform support. Ports to newer hardware like O2(TM), OCTANE(TM), and Origin(TM), and even to old hardware like R3000 Indigo(TM) hot

    Ports : Motorola

    • Linux/m68k
      port of the Linux operating system to run on systems using Motorola's 68020, 68030, 68040 and 68060 microprocessors hot

    Ports : PDA

    • TurboTortois
      a linux system, small enough to fit in a pocket hot


    • Advanced Linux Sound Architecture
      Primary goals are: Create fully modularized sound driver which will support kerneld/kmod, Create new ALSA Kernel API which breaks most of limitations of current OSS API, Ensure compatibility with most binary OSS/Lite applications, Create ALSA Library (C,C++) and ALSA Manager hot
    • Beowulf Project
      Beowulf is a project to produce the software for off-the-shelf clustered workstations based on commodity PC-classhardware, a high-bandwidth internal network, and the Linux operating system. hot
    • Mozilla
      The Netscape 5 project - "free" source code, coordination and development resources. hot
    • Open Source
      an initiative to promote Free Software to the world hot
    • Simple End-User Linux (SEUL)
      The goal of the SEUL project is to create a Linux distribution that the average home/office user can install and use. hot


    Publications : Humor

    Publications : Online

    • freshmeat
      an excellent resource for all the latest Linux software hot
    • Linux Today
      a resource for business professionals interested in maintaining a high level of awareness of the news pertaining to Linux and the Open Source (tm) communities hot
    • LinuxFocus
      an online magazine devoted to supplying the emerging young and active Linux community with tips, information and recent news. hot
    • LinuxWorld
      a Web-only magazine that provides news and technical information about Linux and open source software hot
      on-line publication with the latest Linux news hot
    • The Linux Weekly News
      Dedicated to keeping Linux users up-to-date, with concise news for all interests hot

    Publications : Printed

    • Linux Format
      covers Linux for desktop user, developers and professionals. Each issue comes full of reviews, features and tutorials on diverse topics. Our Hot Picks section highlight's the best new open source software every month, all of which is available on the covermounted CD ROM. DVD edition available. Worldwide subscriptions available hot


    • Crypto-Gram
      a free monthly e-mail newsletter on computer security and cryptography from Bruce Schneier (author of Applied Cryptography, inventor of Blowfish and Twofish, CTO and founder of Counterpane Internet Security, Inc., general crypto pundit and occasional crypto curmudgeon) hot

    Software : Backup

    • ftape
      the Linux Floppy Tape Project. tape is a driver program that controls various low-cost tape drives that connect to the floppy controller hot
    • KDat
      a tar based tape archiver, that is designed to work with multiple archives on a single tape hot

    Software : CD Writing : Console

    • Cdrdao
      a tool for writing audio CD-Rs in disc-at-once mode hot
    • cdrecord
      allows the creation of both audio and data CDs. Writes in TAO and DAO mode hot

    Software : CD Writing : GNOME

    • X-CD-Roast
      a program-package dedicated to easy CD creation under Linux. It combines command line tools like "cdrecord" and "mkisofs" into a nice graphical user interface hot

    Software : CD Writing : KDE

    • GEAR Pro for Linux
      (commercial) supports both a GUI and CLI interface. GEAR PRO for Linux offers full CD-R, CD-RW ,DVD-R and DVD-RAM recording and pre-mastering. GEAR supports most drives on the market hot

    Software : Databases

    • Domino
      (commercial) developed by Lotus, Domino is a combines integrated collaborative functionality with Linux' low cost-of-deployment and high reliability benefits to enable organizations worldwide to gain access to powerful messaging, knowledge management and Web application development capabilities hot

    Software : Databases : Relational

    • ADABAS D
      high-performance relational database management system hot
    • Beagle SQL
      a free object relational database engine hot
    • DB2 for Linux
      the world most trusted relational database for applications ranging from business intelligence to e-business. The availability of DB2 Universal Database on Linux enables developers to combine the power of Linux with the performance and robustness of DB2 hot
    • GNU Sql Server
      a free portable multiuser relatational database management system. It supports the full SQL89 dialect and has some extensions from SQL92 hot
      a commercial database which provides Linux developers with the full power of an SQL-based database engine, combined with the quality, configurability, and interoperability of the Linux operating system hot
    • MySQL
      a basically free SQL database server hot
    • Oracle
      one of the most popular databases ported to Linux hot
    • PostgreSQL
      ANSI SQL92/ANSI SQL89 RDBMS Database hot

    Software : Editors : Console

    • Cooledit
      a full featured multiple window text editor with interactive graphical debugger, anti-aliased fonts, compiler interface, syntax highlighting for a wide variety of programming languages, UTF-8/UCS/Unicode support, Python extensibility, and many more features hot
    • jed
      a freely available text editor hot

    Software : Editors : Emacs

    • Emacs
      probably the most famous text editor for Linux hot
    • xemacs
      a powerful, extensible text editor with full GUI support, initially based on an early version of GNU Emacs 19 hot

    Software : Editors : Other X11

    • NEdit
      a text editor for X-Windows based systems featuring a high quality graphical user interface, state-of-the-art syntax highlighting and rectangular selection hot

    Software : Editors : vi

    • VIM
      Vi Improved: adds unlimited undo, syntax coloring, split windows, visual selection, gui support hot

    Software : Emulators : Apple

    • Executor
      (commercial) a Macintosh emulator that uses no software from Apple Computer. It doesn't require Mac ROMs or a Mac System file hot

    Software : Emulators : Microsoft

    • Bochs
      a commercial portable x86 PC emulation software package that emulates enough of the x86 CPU, related AT hardware, and BIOS to run DOS, Windows '95, Minix 2.0, and other OS's, all on your workstation hot
    • DOSEMU
      stands for DOS Emulation, and is a linux application that enables the Linux OS to run many DOS programs - including some DPMI apps hot
    • WINE
      an emulator that allows MS Windows applications to run on ix86 Unix systems (currently NetBSD,FreeBSD, SCO OpenServer, Unixware, and Linux) running X11. As a library it will allow the use of theWindows API for Unix/X11. The license is BSD-like hot

    Software : Emulators : Videogames

    • Snes9x
      a portable, freeware Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) emulator. It basically allows you to play most games designed for the SNES and Super Famicom Nintendo game systems on your PC or Workstation hot

    Software : Financial : Personal Finance

    • GnuCash
      a program to keep track of your finances. It is similar in concept to Quicken(TM). Although GnuCash still lacks the advanced features of Quicken, it does have the basic functionality hot

    Software : Games : Action

    • Heavy Gear II
      (commercial) a thrilling combat adventure pitting robot against robot in the distant future hot
    • Obsidian
      an OpenSource 3D network game for Linux hot
    • Quake
      the Linux version of Quake, a famous DOS game hot
    • Quake 2
      (commercial) a fantastic 3D multiplayer action game that runs under X11, SVGAlib, or OpenGL hot
    • Wormz
      a graphical multiplayer worms-like game for X hot
    • XPilot
      the X11 based multiplayer space combat game hot

    Software : Games : Arcade

    • Scavenger
      an arcade/thinking game very much like Lode Runner hot

    Software : Games : Board and Card Games : Chess

    • Crafty
      a state-of-the-art computer chess program. It is full featured, plays a good game of chess, and source code is freely available hot
    • xboard
      a graphical user interface for chess hot

    Software : Games : Role Play

    • NetHack
      a single player dungeon simulation hot

    Software : Games : Simulation

    • Fly8
      a portable, multi player flight simulator hot

    Software : Games : Strategy

    • LinCity
      a city/country simulation game for X and Linux hot

    Software : Games : Utility

    • XQF
      Quake/QuakeWorld/Quake2 server browser and launcher for Linux/X11 hot

    Software : Graphics

    Software : Graphics : CAD

    • BRL-CAD
      a powerful Combinatorial Solid Geometry (CSG) solid modeling system hot
    • VariCAD
      a commercial mechanical CAD System hot

    Software : Graphics : Drawing

    • Corel Draw for Linux
      a commercial powerful, easy-to-use graphics program featuring superb type control, incredible drawing power and stunning special effects hot
    • GIMP
      suitable for such tasks as photo retouching, image composition and image authoring hot
    • GYVE
      a vector-based drawing program in the spirit of Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw hot
    • xfig
      a menu-driven tool that allows the user to draw and manipulate objects interactively in an X window. hot

    Software : Graphics : Modeling

    • AC3D
      a popular shareware 3D object/scene modeller available for Linux, Windows 95/NT, and SGI hot
    • Blender
      a 3D renderer package for use in making TV commercials, to make technical visualizations, business graphics, to do some morphing, or design user interfaces hot
    • BMRT Rendering Tools
      a collection of rendering programs which adhere to the RenderMan(R) interface standard hot
    • GIG3DGO
      3D modeling, animation and rendering functionality hot
    • MindsEye
      a free complete modeling/animation package hot

    Software : Graphics : Rays

    Software : Graphics : Viewers

    • CompuPic
      an interactive multimedia file manager and manipulation program. CompuPic allows you to efficiently view, manage, catalog, and convert over 30 graphics formats hot
    • GQview
      an image browser that features single click access to view images and move around the directory tree hot
    • ImageMagick
      package for display and interactive manipulation of images hot
    • XV
      an interactive image manipulation program for X Windows that converts image files to and from GIF, JPEG, TIFF, PBM, PPM, X11, bitmap, Sun rasterfile, RLE, RGB, BMP, PCX, and PM formats hot

    Software : Internet : Communications : IRC : Clients : KDE

    • Kvirc
      a powerful KDE Linux Internet relay chat client hot

    Software : Internet : Communications : IRC : Clients : Tcl Tk

    • Zircon
      an X Window System interface to Internet Relay Chat. The software is written in tcl/tk and uses the native network communications of tcl hot

    Software : Internet : Communications : Modem

    • Modem
      a distributed communication package for modems hot

    Software : Internet : Communications : PPP

    • kppp
      a dialer and pppd front-end hot
    • WvDial
      scriptless PPP dialer hot

    Software : Internet : Mail

    • OpenMail
      (commercial) HP's strategic Linux and UNIX system business-messaging and collaboration solution, based on Internet standards. It is a proven, robust technology for building e-services solutions, running on HP-UX(2), Linux, AIX and Solaris hot

    Software : Internet : Mail : Anti Spam

    • Procmail
      a powerful and robust set of tools that enable you to automatically process mail as you receive it or after it is already in a message folder hot

    Software : Internet : Mail : Clients : Console

    • Elm
      a Mail User Agent system, it's designed to run with hot
    • Pine
      a Program for Internet News & Email - is a tool for reading, sending, and managing electronic messages hot

    Software : Internet : Mail : Clients : GNOME

    • Balsa
      a GNOME email client that supports mbox, maildir, and mh local mailboxes, and IMAP4 and POP3 remote mailboxes. You can send mail via sendmail or SMTP. Optional multithreading support allows for non-instrusive retrieval and sending of mail hot
    • Mahogany
      an OpenSource(TM) cross-platform mail and news client. It is available for X11/Unix and MS Windows platforms, supporting a wide range of protocols and standards, including POP3, IMAP and full MIME support hot

    Software : Internet : Mail : Clients : KDE

    • KMail
      a fully-featured email client that fits nicely into the K Desktop Environment, KDE. It has features such as support for filters, PGP/GnuPG privacy, inline attachments, drag and drop support of messages and attachments and support for multiple pop accounts hot

    Software : Internet : Mail : Clients : Other X11

    • XCmail
      a MIME and POP3 capable mailtool for X11 using the Xclasses layout library. XCmail was designed completely object orientated and by this may be improved easily hot
    • XFMail
      a GUI mail reader that will run on most UNIX variants, as well as OS/2 (with the emx libraries and XFree86). It features LDAP support, Authenticated SMTP (With GPasswd) support and ESD support hot

    Software : Internet : Mail : Mail Retrieval

    • fetchmail
      free, full-featured, robust, well-documented remote-mail retrieval and forwarding utility intended to be used over on-demand TCP/IP links hot

    Software : Internet : Mail : Mailing Lists

    • Majordomo
      a program which automates the management of Internet mailing lists hot

    Software : Internet : Mail : Notification

    • KBiff
      a "biff" or new mail notification utility. It is highly configurable but very easy to use and setup. It tries to combine the best of the features of most of the "other" biff programs out there hot

    Software : Internet : News

    • Knews
      a threaded newsreader with an X Window interface hot
    • News Peruser
      simple, X-based, offline newsreader for single-user Linux systems with dial-up accress to the net hot
    • NewsX
      an NNTP client for Unix. It provides the NNTP capabilities required for small local news spools on installations with NNTP access only through limited ISP accounts hot
    • Pan
      A Gnome/GTK Newsreader for X that features easy binary retrieval, automatic grouping of multipart posts and more hot
    • trn
      Threaded RN, a newsreader that uses an article's references to order the discussions in a very natural, reply-ordered sequence called threads hot

    Software : Internet : WebBrowsers

    • Konqueror
      the definite place to find information about Konqueror, a web browser, file manager, universal file viewer and even a customizable application hot
    • Netscape
      an extremely professional web browser that is real competition to Internet Explorer hot
    • Opera
      an alternative, lightweight, X11-based Web browser for Linux hot
    • QtMozilla
      the Qt based port of Netscape Navigator 5.0 beta hot

    Software : Internet : WebServers

    • AOLserver
      a fast multi-threaded web server - also makes a great publishing server -- you can edit content across the network with HTML publishing tools like AOLpress or Netscape Communicator and have your site's full text index incrementally updated automatically! hot
    • Apache
      the most popular web server on the Internet since April of 1996 hot

    Software : Monitoring : Detection

    • ipgrab
      a packet sniffing tool, based on the Berkeley packet capture library, that prints complete data-link, network and transport layer header information for all packets it sees hot

    Software : Multimedia : AudioCD

    • cdparanoia
      extracts audio from compact discs directly as data, with no analog step between, and writes the data to a file or pipe in WAV, AIFC, AIFC or raw 16 bit linear PCM hot
    • xmcd
      a full-featured CD Player utility package including xmcd, a CD Player for the X window system using the Motif graphical user interface and cda, a command-line driven, text mode CD Player which also features a curses-based, screen-oriented mode hot

    Software : Multimedia : MIDI

    • TiMidity++
      a MIDI to WAVE converter (MIDI renderer) that uses Gravis Ultrasound-compatible patch files to generate digital audio data from General MIDI files hot

    Software : Multimedia : MP3 : Encoders

    Software : Multimedia : MP3 : Players

    • xmms
      a multimedia player for unix systems. XMMS stands for X MultiMedia System and can play media files such as MP3, MOD's, WAV and others with the use of Input plugins hot

    Software : Multimedia : MP3 : Players : Console

    • Mp3Blaster
      an interactive text-based program that plays mp3 audio files with full control during playback hot
    • mpg123
      a real time MPEG Audio Player for Layer 1,2 and Layer3. (MPEG 2.0 with Layer1/2 not heavily tested) Tested with Linux, FreeBSD, SunOS4.1.3, Solaris 2.5, HPUX 9.x and SGI Irix. Plays Layer 3 in stereo on an AMD-486-120Mhz hot

    Software : Multimedia : Network Audio

    Software : Multimedia : Scopes

    • Cthugha
      a free program available for PC's (running DOS, Windows, or Linux) and Macintosh's which takes sound input from a CD, stereo, or microphone and displays colorful animated graphics synced to the sound hot

    Software : Multimedia : Soundfile Editors

    • Broadcast 2.0
      a 16 bit digital audio editor that needs the OSS sound driver hot

    Software : Multimedia : Video

    • aKtion!
      a video player based on xanim hot
    • MpegTV Player
      powerful real-time MPEG Video player with audio/sync hot
    • RealPlayer G2 alpha
      allows you to play streaming audio and video over the Internet in real-time. hot
    • XAnim
      player of avi, .wav, .fli, .gsm formats via ftp, http, or stdin hot

    Software : Networking : FTP

    • IglooFTP
      IglooFTP is a new graphical and user friendly FTP client. Its main goals are to be easy to use and intuitive when used by novice, but powerful and fully configurable in the hand of experienced users. IglooFTP makes full use of the GTK+ library and is distributed under the GNU GPL. hot
    • mxFtp
      Motif based ftp client hot
    • NcFTP
      a UNIX application program implementing the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) hot
    • WXftp
      an X Window System FTP client designed to be used mainly on Linux workstations. It is written using Motif widget set and XbaeMatrix Widget. GTK+ GUI implementation is also available hot

    Software : Office

    • Andrew
      a leading graphical user interface system that includes a word processor, html editor, program editor, drawing editor, spreadsheet, mail manager and application builder hot
    • Applixware
      a fully integrated commercial suite of desktop productivity tools that runs on Linux (Intel, Alpha, & PPC), hot
    • Goldmedal
      a suite consisting of a word processor, 3D spreadsheet and a relational database hot
    • KOffice
      a free, integrated office suite for KDE, the K Desktop Environment. It features KWord - a frame-based wordprocessor for all your professional looking documents, KSpread - a powerful spreadsheet application, KPresenter - a fully-featured presentation program, Kivio - a Visio-style flowcharting application, Kontour - a vector drawing application, Krayon - A pixel-based image manipulation program like The GIMP or Adobe Photoshop, Kugar - a tool for generating business quality reports and KChart - an integrated graph and chart drawing tool hot
    • Siag Office
      free office package for X: a bundling of the spreadsheet SIAG, the word processor PW and the animation program Egon hot
    • StarOffice
      a complete office package for Linux that rivals Applixware hot
    • Visual Rendezvous
      (commercial) enables high performance platform-independent data and document conferencing over the Internet/Intranet/Extranet hot

    Software : ProductivityTools : Calculators

    • ycalc
      an enhanced X Window Calculator hot

    Software : ProductivityTools : PIMs

    • KOrganizer
      a Calendar / Scheduling tool (PIM) for KDE hot
    • Synchronize
      a commercial real-time calendaring and scheduling application for enterprises of all sizes. hot

    Software : Programming : Compilers

    • egcs
      an integrated GNU compiler system. It is derived from gcc with many enhancements. The current egcs contains C, C++, Object C and f77 compilers plus their runtime libraries. hot

    Software : Programming : Compilers : Procedural

    • gcc
      GNU C compiler hot

    Software : Programming : Development : Environments

    • C/BASE 4GL
      a free powerful application development tool and database engine hot
    • J2SE
      provides cross-platform compatibility, safe network delivery, and smartcard to supercomputer scalability hot
    • Kylix
      (commercial) the only Linux development solution that combines the world's fastest compiler with a leading edge development environment, interactive debugger, intuitive visual designer and Web development tools to get your application to Linux quickly and efficiently hot
    • WipeOut
      an integrated software development environment for C++ and Java. It consist of several components, which partly provide interfaces for existing tools such as CVS, GDB or MAKE. WipeOut supports all source code engineering tasks like generating, parsing, testing, managing, and analysing in an uniform programming environment with an highly customizable and easy to use user interface hot
    • XBasic
      a comprehensive program development environment that integrates a powerful editor, compiler, debugger, function libraries and GuiDesigner into a seamless working environment that encompasses the whole process of creating fast, efficient, reliable, portable 32-bit programs hot
    • Xwpe
      an integrated development environment; a programming and debugging environment similar to Borland's Turbo C environment. Works in both X and console modes hot

    Software : Programming : Languages : Procedural

    • GNU Pascal
      the 32-bit FreeWare Pascal compiler hot
      yet another basic for Unix and Win95 hot

    Software : Programming : Languages : Scripting

    • Tcl/tk
      a very simple programming language. If you have programmed before, you can learn enough to write interesting Tcl programs within a few hours hot
    • Visual TCL
      a freely-available, high-quality application development environment hot

    Software : Programming : Libraries : Graphics

    • Qt
      a multi-platform C++ GUI application framework hot

    Software : Programming : Libraries : Miscellaneous

    • libc
      the C library in the GNU system hot

    Software : Programming : Toolkits

    • gtk
      Gimp ToolKit, a library for creating graphical user interfaces hot
    • LessTif
      the Hungry Programmers' version of OSF/Motif®. LessTif is source compatible with OSF/Motif® 1.2 hot

    Software : Scientific : Electronic

    • XCircuit
      a program for drawing publishable-quality electrical circuit schematic diagrams and related figures hot

    Software : Scientific : Mathematics

    • Maple V
      a commercial powerful mathematical problem-solving and visualization system hot
    • MATCOM
      Matlab 4 & 5 compiler to C++. Create MEX files and standalone applications to accelerate your simulations and integrate them with your C++ projects. hot
    • Mathematica
      commercial mathematical analysis and equation solver hot
    • MATLAB
      an integrated commercial technical computing environment that combines numeric computation, advanced graphics and visualization, and a high-level programming language. hot

    Software : Scientific : Processing and Visualization

    • Dataplot
      a free, public-domain, multi-platform (Unix, Linux, PC-DOS, Windows NT, etc.) software system for scientific visualization, statistical analysis, and non-linear modeling. hot
    • Gnuplot
      a graphical program which would allow scientists and students to visualize mathematical functions and data hot
    • P+owerGraph
      an easy-to-use commercial tool for making scientific graphs hot

    Software : Scientific : Statistics and Graphing

    • GNU plotutils
      contains programs for plotting scientific data, and a function library for drawing vector graphics and doing vector graphics animations. It can be installed on GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, and Unix systems. The package comes with a 125-page manual hot

    Software : Spreadsheets

    • Gnumeric
      a spreadsheet program written for the GNOMEdesktop environment. Gnumeric will import your existing Excel, 1-2-3, Applix, Sylk, XBase and Oleo files hot
    • macroCALC
      a Lotus 1-2-3 compatible character based spreadsheet hot
    • Xess
      a very powerful, full-featured X based spreadsheet hot
    • XQuad
      spreadsheet with all features required for scientific and financial calculations hot
    • xspread
      an X-Windows spreadsheet hot

    Software : System : Administration : Networking

    • Satools
      a collection of tools to help UNIX system administrators to gain control of large UNIX networks hot

    Software : System : Boot

    • Power Boot
      boot from more than operating system hot

    Software : System : Daemons : SMTP

    Software : System : Servers

    • Accelerated-X
      an excellent commercial X Window System version 11 release 6 (X11R6.1) server hot
    • Samba
      a LanManager like fileserver for UNIX hot
    • VNC
      a remote display system which allows you to view a computing 'desktop' environment not only on the machine where it is running, but from anywhere on the Internet and from a wide variety of machine architectures hot
    • XFree86
      free X server and related programs hot

    Software : Utilities : Archive

    • bzip2
      a better-compressing alternative to GNU gzip hot
    • gzip
      a compression utility designed to be a replacement for 'compress'. Its main advantages over compress are much better compression and freedom from patented algorithms. The GNU Project uses it as the standard compression program for its system hot

    Software : Utilities : Console

    • Wget
      a free software package for retrieving files using HTTP and FTP, the two most widely-used Internet protocols. It is a non-interactive commandline tool, so it may easily be called from scripts, cron jobs, terminals without Xsupport, etc hot

    Software : Utilities : Desktops

    • GNOME
      GNU Network Object Model Environment hot
    • KDE Desktop Environment
      The K Desktop Environment is a collection of small tools that work together to provide a powerful desktop for your Unix system hot
    • XFce
      a free toolbar for X Window, providing an elegant and simple way to manage your X desktop environment hot

    Software : Utilities : File Managers : Console

    Software : Utilities : File Managers : KDE

    • kruiser
      a Win95-like file system explorer written by Michaėl Goffioul for KDE. Currently supported are browsing, file operations, (un)mounting external devices, FTP support (browsing, downloading and uploading), SMB support, MDI support, KDE mime types, hot

    Software : Utilities : File Managers : Motif

    • LLNL XDir
      provides a graphical user interface for drag-and-drop file transfer and for direct manipulation of local and remote directories hot
    • xplore
      a powerful and highly configurable Motif file manager with an Explorer-like user interface hot

    Software : Utilities : File Managers : Other X11

    Software : Utilities : File Managers : Tcl Tk

    • TkDesk
      a graphical desktop and file manager for several brands of UNIX (such as Linux) and the X Window System. It offers a very rich set of file operations and services, and gives the user the ability to configure most aspects of TkDesk in a powerful way hot

    Software : Utilities : GUI

    • XDiskFree
      graphically displays the maximum fillstate, the used & free space on your harddisk hot
    • Xrun
      launch programs under X Window System hot

    Software : Utilities : Optimizers Diagnostics

    Software : Utilities : Packagers

    • alien
      a program that converts between the rpm, dpkg, and slackware tgz file formats hot
    • XRPM
      a simple X interface to the RedHat Package Manager hot

    Software : Utilities : Terminals

    • rxvt
      an 8-bit clean, colour xterm replacement that uses significantly less memory than a conventional xterm, mostly since it doesn't support toolkit configurability or Tek graphic hot

    Software : Window Managers

    • AfterStep
      a continuation of the BowMan window manager hot
    • Enlightenment
      a window manager for the X Window System and runs on a UNIX like operating system (like Linux, BSD, Solaris etc.) It's designed to be fast, extremely powerful, flexible, configurable, themeable and also usable hot
    • FVWM Homepage
      an ICCCM compliant multiple virtual desktop window manager for X11 created by Robert Nation and derived originally from twm code hot
    • FVWM-95
      a hack based on fvwm2.x. It tries to emulate the good features of a well known product without bloating the regular fvwm code hot
    • icewm
      a nice window manager designed for speed, usability and consistency hot
    • mlvwm
      Macintosh like virtual window manager (MLVWM) hot
    • Window Maker
      an X11 window manager designed to give additional integration support for GNUstep applications. It tries to emulate the elegant look and feel of the NeXTSTEP(tm) GUI hot

    Software : Wordprocessors

    • Adobe Acrobat Reader
      lets you view and print Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) files on all major computer platforms, as well as fill in and submit PDF forms online hot
    • LaTeX
      a high-quality typesetting system, with features designed for the production of technical and scientific documentation hot
    • LyX
      an advanced open source document processor running on many Unix platforms hot
    • Maxwell
      a Motif word processor with Fully WYSIWYG editing hot
    • Virtual Paper
      the goal of the Virtual Paper project is to make on-line reading an attractive alternative to reading printed documents (such as books, manuals, or reports) hot
    • WordPerfect 8
      (commercial) a real heavyweight wordprocessor. Highly recommended (free download is available) hot

    Web : Portal

    • ht://Dig
      a complete world wide web indexing and searching system for a small domain or intranet hot

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