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Book Review: Hacking Linux Exposed - 2nd Edition
Guide Review
Hacking Linux Exposed
Guide Rating -  rating
Pros  • Cream of the crop for Linux security books
• Excellent addition to the Hacking Exposed series
• Sample commands and illustrations very helpful
Cons  • None
The Bottom Line - Linux is often touted as "more secure" than Windows by its fans. The truth is that it is just as vulnerable, maybe moreso, if you don't configure it properly to be secure. This book will help you.

• Follows the best-selling and popular format of the Hacking Exposed books
• Command line examples help users to instantly apply the lessons and see results on their own systems
• Comprehensive list of hacking exploits along with creative and effective countermeasures
• Indispensable resource for anyone who administers a Linux box
• Provides detailed explanations of hacks and vulnerabilities understandable by all levels of audience
Guide Review - Book Review: Hacking Linux Exposed - 2nd Edition

The Hacking Exposed books have set the bar for this genre of security book. Hacking Linux Exposed - 2nd Edition doesn't fail in meeting that bar as well. If you've read Hacking Exposed - 4th Edition and think this book can't tell you anything you don't already know- think again. For those who administer Linux boxes this book provides an in-depth look at specific hacks and vulnerabilities unique to the Linux operating system and the accompanying fixes and workarounds to protect yourself. The book is overflowing with examples and sample commands that users can immediately put to use to better understand the risks and how to mitigate them. Hacking Exposed is a must-read for security- this book is a must-read for Linux security.
 ~ Tony Bradley, CISSP, MCSE2k, MCSA, A+
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