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Have you Meta Moderated Today?
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Interviews: Alicebot Creator Dr. Richard Wallace Expounds
NewsPosted by Roblimo on 2002.07.26 9:30
from the only-on-Slashdot dept.
Okay, here are Alicebot inventor Dr. Richard Wallace's answers to your questions. You're about to enter a world that contains interesting thoughts on A.I., a bit of marijuana advocacy, a courtroom drama, tales of academic politics and infighting, personal ranting, discussion of the nature of mental illness, and comments about the state of American society and the world in general. Yes, all this in one interview so long and strong we had to break it up into three parts to make it fit on our pages. This is an amazing work, well worth reading all the way to the end.

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Sysadmin Day. Yay.
It's funny.  Laugh.Posted by michael on 2002.07.26 8:32
from the what's-your-slashdot-username-again? dept.
Izeickl writes "The BBC is running an article about sysadmin day. One admin is quoted saying, 'We are unappreciated and no-one knows what we do for 364 days of the year.' Apparently even the online greeting cards are getting in on the action check out 123Greetings.com and put a smile on that cranky admins face! The starter of this day also has a page here." Well, most competent sysadmins probably have electronic greeting cards blocked at the router, but I suppose it's the thought that counts... Jeremy Sieminski submits a Mouse Pad Couch as the appropriate place for a sysadmin to rest his weary, uh, wrists. And of course if you've never read the BOFH stories, you're missing out.

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JavaScript : The Definitive Guide, 4th Edition
ProgrammingPosted by timothy on 2002.07.26 7:30
from the smartish-pages dept.
briandonovan writes "A new edition? Given all of the changes in the web programming landscape since the 1998 publication of the previous edition, David Flanagan's JavaScript : The Definitive Guide (JS:TDG4), 4th Edition was overdue. Flanagan delivers a book that more than measures up to its predecessor - JS:TDG4 includes a substantial amount of new material and, as a whole, has been extensively updated. The crushing gain in browser market share by Microsoft's Internet Explorer offering, the maturation of the Netscape 6.x,7.x / Mozilla browser suite and its entry into the fray along with a slew of other Gecko-based browsers, promulgation of newer versions of the ECMAScript specification (accompanied by new implementations in JavaScript and JScript), and the publication of successive W3C DOM Recommendations are all reflected in this edition."

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U.S. Developing 100-Kilowatt Laser for Strike Fighters
TechnologyPosted by michael on 2002.07.26 6:45
from the you-light-up-my-life dept.
redwolfoz writes "New Scientist reports that American defence contractors, Lockheed Martin and Raytheon, are developing a 100-kilowatt infrared laser weapon for the F35 Joint Strike Fighter that may be powerful enough to blind people on the ground, even if they are relatively far from the target."

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Build Your Own Battlemech
ToysPosted by michael on 2002.07.26 5:54
from the autocannon-20-always-a-good-choice dept.
Jodrell writes "Hot on the heels of the Back Yard Millenium Falcon comes this: a BattleMech Tree House. Using a couple of packing crates and some angle iron, a very dedicated Dad built a tree house around a Madcat 'mech (or a Timberwolf to those in the know) that stands about 25 feet tall. I want one :-)" And in a related story, BoomZilla points out that you can pick up a Rebel Blockade Runner on Ebay. Of course.

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Australian Federal Court Finds Mod Chips Not Illegal
The CourtsPosted by michael on 2002.07.26 5:09
from the mail-order dept.
Friendless writes "In contrast to the story earlier this week about the Ottawa man who was jailed for selling and installing mod chips, the the Australian ABC reports that the Australian Federal Court has found that installing mod chips is not illegal, because Sony failed to prove that a copyright protection measure was installed in the PlayStation in the first place. Here is the full judgement."

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Apple: Take a Mac User to Lunch
ApplePosted by pudge on 2002.07.26 5:08
from the any-place-that-has-good-steak-is-good-for-me dept.
A Slashdot reader writes "LinuxWorld is running a story explaining how Mac OS X may help break down the walls for non-Windows operating systems, including Linux."

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Slashdot Readers Visit Meatspace
Slashdot.orgPosted by timothy on 2002.07.26 3:43
from the all-at-once-well-met dept.
Several readers sent in notes about their Slashdot Meetup experiences; we'll start with tuxedo-steve 's report from Melbourne: "Just a quick wrapup from the Melbourne, Australia /. Meetup. We ran into problems due to the assigned meeting place being closed at the scheduled meetup time, but ended up getting a fair few people (20-30 probably) herded up before moving to a bar that would provide us with service. A good night ensued, fueled by tech-related conversation and a fair amount of beer for those so inclined. For those yet to have their meetup, be sure your meeting place is going to be open!" Below are a few more local reports -- feel free to add yours in the comments.

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Dreamworks Delves Into Anime
AnimePosted by Hemos on 2002.07.25 23:21
from the honto-baka dept.
peter_gzowski writes "Dreamworks has acquired the license for the worldwide distribution of Satoshi Kon's latest picture, Millennium Actress. Satoshi Kon is best known for directing the anime classic Perfect Blue, but has also worked on Patlabor 2 and Roujin Z (the latter two from the director of Ghost in the Shell & Akira, respectively). Read about it from Yahoo! Movies or Anime News Network, whichever you prefer. I guess Dreamworks was feeling left out after Miramax (with Princess Mononoke) and Columbia Tri-Star (with Final Fantasy and Metropolis) got into the anime distribution business. Maybe Spielberg and company will fare better trying to convince North American audiences to watch serious animated films."

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Western Digital Announces 200 Gig Drives
TechnologyPosted by CmdrTaco on 2002.07.25 19:49
from the pr0n-glorious-pr0n dept.
twilightzero writes "Video capture fanatics and pr0n moguls, rejoice! Today marks the official release of the Western Digital 200 GB hard drive! Never again run out of space for your X-10 video stream of the neighbor's house! See the graphic, specs, and press release. This also marks the release of WD drives using fluid dynamic bearings rather than the old BB type." The glorious march of technology continues forward, and digital video fans rejoice. Update: 07/26 03:34 GMT by M: Headline corrected. Taco's at a conference, cut him a little slack.

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Slashback: Arch, Bubbles, Keystrokes
SlashbackPosted by timothy on 2002.07.25 16:59
from the lancaster-tomorrow-woohoo dept.
Slashback with updates tonight on keystroke tracking (but not spying), OddTodd's interesting approach to unemployment, cold fusion, and an appeal from the Arch folks. Read on below for the details.

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Princeton Hacks Yale, Harvard Not Surprised
SecurityPosted by timothy on 2002.07.25 16:11
from the mit-has-cooler-hacks dept.
Semji Rkim writes: "Yale Daily News is running a story of several occassions in which Princeton officials entered the Yale Online website and viewed admissions decisions. Princeton officials claim they were simply researching security for their own website. Reportedly the website, on initial log-in, would show applicants either a congratulatory fireworks display or a rejection notice. Princeton officials informally mentioned that they had accessed students' records on Yale's admissions site at an Ivy League deans' conference. The Yale website apparently used names, birth dates, and social security information as unique identifiers to allow access to the site. They are considering adding a PIN in the future."

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All-In-One Arcade Console
GamesPosted by CmdrTaco on 2002.07.25 15:14
from the well-isn't-that-special dept.
ArcadEd wrote in to plug his Arcade in a Box which is essentially a PC ready to play MAME, but built into a console with true arcade parts for the buttons and joystick for a more authentic arcade video game experience. It's not quite as realistic as, say building your own cabinet, but it definitely is a lot less time consuming ;)

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235,000 Software Engineers Can't Be Wrong, Right?
The Almighty BuckPosted by Hemos on 2002.07.25 14:15
from the well-maybe-they-can-be-wrong dept.
jgeelan writes "The Boston Globe has carried a report on how 235,000 engineers and computer scientistsl are calling on Congress to study the impact of the country's H1-B visa program, the recession, and the outsourcing of jobs overseas on the unemployment rate of engineers and other information technology professionals. It's an issue that's bubbling on discussion sites all over America too, though in one case developers (Java developers in this instance) seem completely unable to agree on whether H1-B is really a contributing factor or not."

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Ask Slashdot: Automatic Functional Testing for Mac and Linux?
ProgrammingPosted by Cliff on 2002.07.25 13:27
from the true-software-testing-suites dept.
testYourGUIS asks: "I work with a company that tests consumer and business software for various venues. One of the programs we rely on heavily is called Rational Visual Test, which is a VB-like compiled programming language that works directly with Windows API to simulate mouse clicks, text entry, menu pulldowns, and so on. We use them to stress-test various applications, collect the results, and then send the vendors a spreadsheet showing what we found. Recently, pressure has started to produce the same results on Mac OS X and possibly Linux applications. I was wondering if anyone knew of such software that works on Mac OS X, and how to go about doing this for Linux?"

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Your Rights Online: MPAA Requests Immunity to Commit Cyber-Crimes
The CourtsPosted by michael on 2002.07.25 12:30
from the how-low-can-this-nation-sink dept.
The news has been buzzing around for the last couple of days that Representative Berman, whose palm has been crossed with silver by the entertainment industry, would introduce a bill permitting copyright holders to hack or DoS people allegedly distributing their works without permission. Well, the bill has been introduced - read it and weep. Although the bill wouldn't allow copyright owners to alter or delete files on your machine, they would be allowed to DoS you in essentially any other way. Let me restate that: the MPAA and RIAA are asking that they be allowed to perform what would otherwise be federal and state criminal acts and civil torts, and you will have essentially no remedy against them under any laws of the United States.

( Read More... | 1125 of 1138 comments | Your Rights Online )

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