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Reviews for Hacking Linux Exposed; Linux Security Secrets & Solutions, and Hacking Linux Exposed, Second Edition

"An awesome reference. Although the authors' primary focus is Linux, many of the terms, techniques, tools and discussions apply across all aspects of information security"

"As past experience has shown, you need not be the admin for a high-profile site to get hacked. You can either learn the hard way, or buy this book and learn hacker techniques to protect yourself. This book provides years of collective hands-on expertise for those who want to actually understand the Linux threats and countermeasures. Excellent!"
  -Dave Wreski, CEO, Guardian Digital and co-author of Linux Security HOWTO

"Hacking Linux Exposed, Second Edition lives up to the Hacking Exposed series stellar reputation. UNIX administrators at every level will benefit from the full-disclosure details on vulnerabilities affecting their systems. The organization is clear and logical and packed with valuable tools located and introduced by the authors."
  -Fyodor, creator of the Nmap exploration tool and security scanner

"The first step to learning how your system may be compromised."
  -Wietse Venema, creator of TCP Wrappers, Postfix, The Coronor's Toolkit, SATAN, and more

"The authors have done a great job of covering Linux security in the classic Hacking Exposed style. They cover everything from the basics all the way to the low-level details you will need to secure your Linux box. Readers of the first edition will enjoy the expanded and updated coverage in Hacking Linux Exposed, Second Edition."
  -Ryan Russell (Blue Boar), creator and ex-moderator of the Vulnerability Discussion list

"An excellent guide to configuring your Linux systems securely."
  -Crispin Cowan, Ph.D., Chief Scientist, WireX

"Hacking Linux Exposed covers tried and true techniques to cutting-edge hacks and everything in between. If you are serious about Linux and security, buy this book. Period."
  -Simple Nomad, author of The Hack FAQ

"A comprehensive overview of Linux security in the popular Hacking-Exposed style."
  -Rain Forest Puppy (RFP), web server security authority and creator of the RFPolicy Full Disclosure Policy

"This book provides in-depth insight into Linux security, details of attacks on Linux machines, as well as defensive solutions. It is a must-have book for those who want to secure their Linux systems."
  -Huagang Xie, creator of LIDS, the Linux Intrusion Detection System

"Knowing how attackers work and how a system can be broken into is the key to preventing unwanted break-ins. Hacking Linux Exposed strips away the 'black magic' image of hacking and sheds light on the prevention techniques that can protect Linux systems from the ravages of attackers. This security book is a valuable asset for Linux administrators. You may find it frequently borrowed by fellow members of your staff and difficult to keep on your bookshelf."
  -Christopher Klaus, Founder & Chief Technology Officer, Internet Security Systems (ISS)

"The rapidly expanding number of Linux machines on our campus combined with the open network of a university makes us an ideal target for hackers. The full disclosure policy of Hacking Linux Exposed allows security professionals and others who are interested in maintaining the security of their systems to observe how hackers penetrate a system and how to raise the bar to counter the attacks. If the sysadmins on our campus take advantage of this book, they will save themselves and our security team hours of work recovering from break-ins."
  -Bob Bartlett, Assistant Director, Network Security & Enterprise, Network Server Administration of the University of Chicago, Illinois

"Hacking Linux Exposed is a highly organized and modular book that teaches the reader what to do before, during, and after an incident. It consolidates years of security administration experience into a single reference guide. It illustrates a procedure for securing a new installation, shows the reader how to recover from a break-in on an existing machine and presents a methodology for ongoing monitoring. Each chapter contains well-illustrated examples from real installations along with real solutions. Hacking Linux Exposed has taken a complex subject and broken it down into a format as useful for front-line Linux users as for corporate IT managers."
  -Allen Leibowitz, CEO Anzen Computing, Inc. & Developer of the Anzen Flight Jacket Intrusion Detection System

"Hacking Linux Exposed is the best way for you to not only have an understanding of how to protect yourself, but how to understand how to break into your own system the way an attacker would. Once you know how to think like an attacker, you'll be able to protect your network."
  -Anne Carasik, Principal Security Consultant, SSH Communications Security, Inc.


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