Hacking Linux Exposed





There were various tools and code that we could not fit into Hacking Linux Exposed for one reason or another, so we are making them available here.

We intend to continue supplying useful code as we create it, so consider this a living area, not a static page.

Programs listed in the book

  • update_redhat
    A perl script that you can use to mirror RedHat update sites and automatically perform rpm upgrades manually or out of cron.

  • rcspasswd
    A suidperl script that wraps the passwd program to keep the /etc/shadow file under RCS control.

Accessing the above pages requires a username/password.

  • HLE First Edition

    Username: The program in use in Figure 3-2.
    Password: The package management tool shown in Figure A-2.

  • HLE Second Edition

    Username: The filename highlighted in Figure 11-1.
    (Hint: looks like SOME_THING)

    Password: The name of the network device selected in Figure 7-5.
    (Hint: ends in the number 0.)

Other tools created by the Hacking Linux Exposed authors

  • Authprogs
    An SSH command authenticator, which you can use to allow only authorized commands authorized hosts on a host/command level.

  • noptrace.c
    Minutes after learning that the 2.2.18 and earlier kernels had potential root compromises, we released this loadable kernel module you can use to protect your machine from the ptrace-related compromize.

  • find-ssh-agent
    A simple shell script you can call from your .profile/.kshrc/.bashrc/etc to automatically find and attach to an SSH Agent upon login.

  • kbd_remap
    A perl script to remap your keyboard to/from Dvorak layout. Learn Dvorak. Live Dvorak. Save your wrists, increase your speed, and never again worry about your querty admin friends trying to use your computer.

  • dvorak-qwerty-filter.pl
    A filter to translate from Qwerty to Dvorak or vice versa.